Mifflin Broncos Football

Weather Related Information for all Teams
For all Football and Cheer Teams: Once you are officially assigned to a team, your coach will communicate with you directly through the SIPLAY App and email about any changes to the practice or game schedule. In general, you may assume that teams do practice if it’s drizzling. If there is thunder or lightning, then there is no practice.

Tackle Football Players

NOTE: Mouthguards are required for all Tackle Football Players. If your player does not have a mouthguard, he will not be permitted to participate in any contact drills or games.

**Typically teams practice on Tues, Weds, and Thurs**

Mighty Mites (Age 7-8) Practice: 5:30-7:30 (Location: High School Field, grass between the stadiums)

Mites & Midgets (Age 9-12) Practice: 5:45-7:45 (Location: Kenhorst Playground)

** YOUR COACH is the person who provides your schedule for the remainder of the season, please communicate directly with your coach as practices may vary).**

Season Schedule: The BICYL (Berks Inter-County Youth League) is responsible for putting out the schedule of games for the season. Note that they do not finalize the schedule until all team rosters are submitted. Team Rosters can not be submitted to them until registration is finalized. Note that late registrations cause a delay in submitting our finalized team rosters to the league, and thus delays the schedule.  We will provide you with a schedule as soon as it becomes available.

Medical Consent

Please be sure your child’s Medical Consent Form is completed and signed by his or her physician. This needs to be completed before our first official practice (August 14, 2017) or your child will not be able to practice. NOTE: If your physician cannot accommodate your child before the designated date, Patient First allows you to go in for a physical without having an appointment.

Medical Consent for Flag Football

Flag players still need to hand in the medical consent form with the top portion filled out and signed by parents. A physician does not need to sign this consent (Flag Football Only). Note: Flag Cheerleaders DO need their medical consent signed by a physician.

Uniform Deposit

On the day(s) of Uniform Handouts (July 29 or Aug. 7) Please be sure to bring a post-dated check for November 15, 2017 in the amount of $100 made payable to: Mifflin Broncos Athletic Association when you come to pick up your child’s uniform. You will not be able to take a uniform home unless we have a deposit check. This check covers the cost of the uniform in the event that it comes back damaged, lost, or doesn’t come back at all.